Work With Bethany

Speaking, Workshop + Coaching Topics

  • Women’s Travel and Adventure – Covering topics from solo trips, handling hygiene issues, Health and safety, you’ll feel totally empowered, Period… get it…period.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure – Now that you are ready to do this, understanding the preparation and execution that goes into a trip is essential. Topics from Packing to Permits, planning and prescriptions, You, your friends, family and children will be prepped for an experience of a lifetime.
  • Overcoming Obstacles – ARG Obstacles, we’ll talk about ways to kick down doors and sail over hurtles that have plagued your life for too long!
  • Saying YES and Asking For What You Want – Breaking through hesitation. If the answer is yes, then shout it out loud. We’ll discuss how avoiding your dreams is affecting other areas of your life.
  • Team Building – Teams that struggle to work together often end up working a lot harder and don’t always reach their goals. Discover ways to increase communication, trust and teamwork through workshop events.
  • Leave No Trace – Planning to Pooping and all the ways your can operate without making a physical impact on the world around you. Certifications, Merit badges and trainer level courses available.

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