Meet Bethany

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my community.

Over the years I have been asked to more openly share my experience and this website is my attempt to do just that.

I am dedicated to the big dreams in my life.

My Certifications
Wilderness EMT
Leave No Trace; Master Trainer
Yoga Instructor: RYT200
MN Master Naturalist
BSA Youth Protection
USA Archery Instructor Level 1

I can safely say I became an explorer at a very young age. So far venturing into 15 different countries, by land, by sea and in the air…even via dog sled. Choosing to embark on these adventures has not been without a lot of effort and persistence, but it has all been worth it.

Over the last year I embarked on a personal journey and helped others complete theirs. Here are a few of the highlights of 2014-2015..

Solo hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT is a 2668.9 mile National Scenic Hiking Trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada through the deserts and mountains of California, Oregon and Washington. Detours, hot springs, side trips and even a yoga festival for my birthday made this journey a righ and valuable life experience.

Joined an Iditarod Dog Sledding Race in Alaska. After working as a dog handler for a local dog sledding kennel, I joined a team who completed their 13th running of the Iditarod Dog Sledding Race in Alaska. This trip, although it included 10,000 miles of driving and many 16 hour work days, it also allowed me to take in all Alaska had to offer. Other than the amazing experience of being a part of the race itself, I skied in the mountains and attended a midnight Beach Party on the Bering Sea just outside of Nome. We barred -15 below zero temps, just to take in the Northern Lights…and blow up A LOT of fireworks! When in Nome…

Summited the Kilauea crater in Hawaii. A visit to the Island of Hawaii included hikes on Mauna Loa, Puna Coast Trail and to the summit crater of Kilauea. We snorkeled with Green Turtles on the beaches of Hilo, and felt the ocean encircle us in the tidal pools of the Pahoa coast. The last day of the trip I stumbled through the rain from the beach to Akaka Falls, then summited Mauna Kea in time to grab a sunset photo and connect with an astronomy group taking in the stars from 14,000 feet.

Recertified my Wilderness and EMT credentials. The summer of 2015 has so far been spent in the north woods recertifying my Wilderness First Responder and EMT credentials, fishing and sleeping in my tent as much as possible. I have had to accept that my plans and the back up to my back up, to my backup plans have to be sidelined while I rehab a nagging injury.

Got accepted into an outdoor education graduate program in Indiana. On the upside, I was accepted into a graduate program and will be attending Indiana University starting in August. This is really a dream come true for me to find and be accepted into this program!

I know It sounds like life has been all fun and games, but I have had to put in a lot of hard work, hard study and learned a few hard lessons along the way. I have explored a number of career paths and industries; military, public relations and even international software sales. Always working hard and becoming successful in each, I never felt satisfied with managing a true work life balance.

People ask me how I do it, why I do it and if they can come along for the ride. I don’t always have the answers they are looking for, but I hope by sharing my experience some will find their own path to living out their dreams.

For me, its all about the mindset!

Here are some key things that have helped me reach out, grasp adventure and hang on for the ride.

Persistence – Never give up never give in! In life we all trip and fall and it’s easy to forget that learning to get back up is the real victory. I have adopted an attitude that sometimes allows me to see past the obstacles and the naysayers and keeps me driving forward. I must always believe in myself and my vision.

Prudence – Take what you need, and leave the rest. Be Particular about the information you gather, the advise you take and the manner in which you respond to it. Having a growth mindset is essential, be open, be grateful, but be particular!

Priorities – Your life’s dreams are important, treat them that way! If you make your dream a priority it will happen, if you make anything a priority it will happen. For me, this is the magic.

Patience – (Ha! This is a good one coming from me!) Be kind to yourself and the process. Nothing is really as important as we make things out to be. The world will not end if you take the time to consult and consider any action. Respond, Not React!

How I have used and failed to use these ideas contribute to each day of my life. Sometimes it is a roaring success, sometimes not so much. I feel like the process and how things worked out in the end are just as valuable as the stumbles along the way.

As they say, “Things always work out in the end. If things are not working out, then it is not yet the end.”

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to reach out and contact me

With Love and Light,