Choose to be

It's time put aside the excuses and
create the life you always wanted by
simply participating in it. If you ask
for exactly what you want...
you often get it.

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Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my community. Over the years I have been asked to more openly share my experience and this website is my attempt to do just that.

I am dedicated to the big dreams in my life.
I can safely say I became an explorer at a very young age. So far venturing into 15 different countries, by land, by sea and in the air…even via dog sled. Choosing to embark on these adventures has not been without a lot of effort and persistence, but it has all been worth it..

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Speaking, Workshop + Coaching Topics

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Women's Travel and Adventure - Covering topics from solo trips, handling hygiene issues, Health and safety, you'll feel totally empowered, Period... get it...period.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Now that you are ready to do this, understanding the preparation and execution that goes into a trip is essential. Topics from Packing to Permits, planning and prescriptions, You, your friends, family and children will be prepped for an experience of a lifetime.

Overcoming Obstacles - ARG Obstacles, we'll talk about ways to kick down doors and sail over hurtles that have plagued your life for too long!

Saying YES and Asking For What You Want - Breaking through hesitation. If the answer is yes, then shout it out loud. We'll discuss how avoiding your dreams is affecting other areas of your life.

Team Building - Teams that struggle to work together often end up working a lot harder and don't always reach their goals. Discover ways to increase communication, trust and teamwork through workshop events.

Leave No Trace - Planning to Pooping and all the ways your can operate without making a physical impact on the world around you. Certifications, Merit badges and trainer level courses available.

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